Who the hell am I?


I am a twenty-something Canadian with a long and twisted story.

I am a nerd. I love TV. I have a cat.

Does this make me an expert on cinematography, story writing or character development? No. But this is the internet and expertise hasn’t stopped anyone from expressing their opinions yet, so why start with me?

A huge Star Wars fan and mild gamer with a tad too much free time. Television and video games have a tendency to rule my free time and while I still manage to not be a total hermit all the time, lets face it, TV is pretty much all I talk about anyway.

The one thing I do have on my side is that I have watched a lot of TV, and of all different kinds. I generally gravitate towards sitcoms, sci-fi and comedy, but I love a good drama if the mood is right. I’m also a big fan of the fantasy and horror genres, but my interests there can be a bit specific… vampires (NOT the sparkly kind), zombies, dragons and knights, and none of that cheesy gore-filled splatter horror stuff. Like what you like, I’m just not a fan.

I spend hours and hours a day watching TV, and quite often watch the same series many times over. I love finding new things in an episode that I never noticed before, almost like an inside joke with a good friend. I will also spend a lot of time trying to find new shows to watch, spending hours looking at descriptions, checking out pilots and scouring the internet for news of something fun and exciting that might tickle my entertainment bone. Sometimes one or two stick, but I don’t have as much luck as you may think. Especially when reality shows are so prevalent these days. I really have a hard time with reality shows…