What the hell is this?

There is a reason for everything

And the reason this blog was started was to give me an outlet to express my opinions about TV, of which there are many. My posts will probably not be overly academic, or really have very much merit to them at all, they are more for my own personal amusement. There’s no real specific topic or structure to it, just random thoughts, musings, facts and news about different TV shows and networks. Basically like one big conversation with myself… Yeah. That’s not what crazy people do at allllllll

Why I love TV

Television has claim over the title “longest running relationship” in my life. I fall in love with the different characters and feel deeply for them. I get transported to other worlds, other possibilities and other times. While I’m not crazy enough to think that it could replace human contact, I appreciate what it offers me: an escape. It helps me to shut off my brain for a little while and get involved in someone else’s problems, and isn’t that just what it’s meant to do?