Marilyn Manson on the upcoming Californication… Woot?

Hank - Californication promo

So I’ve recently started watching Californication from the beginning (I got up to season 4 previously, but never got back on the bandwagon after the hiatus… also, this is why I’ve been absent fro so long) and despite being thoroughly disgusted with myself and every character on that show, I find that I still can’t help but watch. It’s like staring into the male psyche and seeing how they really wish they could live. I think the only saving grace to the show is that the main character is never truly happy, so I feel like he’s getting his come-uppins. While I don’t think it’s one of the best shows on TV, i do find it entertaining and plays on my lingering crush of Mulder from the X-Files.


The only reason I’m bringing the show up is because as I was watching the preview for next week I noticed one of my teenage heroes, Marilyn Manson, will be guest starring (season 6, episode 5). Now I do have to state that I have had no love for him past my 20th birthday, but it is nice to see a childhood hero pop up now and again in my adult life just to kinda see how they’ve been keeping themselves. It’s like seeing people from highschool who used to be popular and are fat, divorced or crazy now… so I’m a little excited. Considering I was fans of both X-Files and Manson at the same time, next week’s episode should be like a weird flashback to a weirder time for me. WOOT!

Marilyn Manson - Oldschool


Meanwhile, in Manhattan…

Gossip Girl

In my wanderings through TV land I try to avoid a lot of the vapid teenage dramedies, but there’s just something about Gossip Girl that I really, really like. It does share a creator with another one of my other major loves, Chuck. So after a little bit of obsessing over a couple of other really damn fantastic shows (… cough, cough, Sons of Anarchy… couch cough, Fringe…) I fell back on this old favourite. It has been on for a while now, and are on their sixth and final season.

I like this show for being up-front about what it is: a teenage soap opera. It’s meant to be. It’s about teenage Manhattan primadonnas from the upper east side who spend an inordinate amount of time scheming against each other and crying about it to the others, who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others, who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others, and so on and so forth. This includes the guys. It’s about pretty people who wear pretty designer clothes and make vacuous comments about nothing that really matters, there’s a mild twist of wit but it makes no pretense about being anything other than that. It never tries to be anything more than what it is… mindless lady-tainment.


Season 6 has proved to be on par with the previous seasons. It’s nice to see that the kids have grown up a bit and are doing things on a bigger scale than high school, but they still cause the same amount of grief. It’s he-said/she-said and social media and socialite news blogs out the wazoo and I’m LOVING it! For no other reason than it gets my inner bitch excited. Because hey, crazy bitches need love too. 😉

The Big Bang becoming a big waste of time

Big Bang Theory

I was waiting to watch the latest episode of Sons of anarchy, and thought I’d catch up on some of the shows I missed over the weekend. It was thanksgiving in Canada after all, and turkey can be worse than the sandman himself so I had a hard time keeping my eyes open to really pay attention to anything at all on TV.


Seeing the nerds break out of their shells and find love (or at least in Sheldon’s case, tolerance of another human being) was great while keeping with the nerdy theme. The characters of Amy and Bernadette were brainy and almost as awkward as the boys. Amy had an odd set of feelings towards other people as Sheldon did, she had weird hobbies and a monkey who smoked. She turned into this wannabe girly girl who only talks about her boyfriend and is like Penny’s comedian sidekick. Bernadette has fallen into a similar role with Howard and is basically just turned into the visible version of his mother. I miss the nonchalant references to biochemistry and violence (obviously separately, but a strange and wonderful combination of traits nonetheless). While I love Myiam Byalik and Melissa Rauch in the roles I feel like the writing has gotten kind of lazy.

I feel like they are really leaning on the social interactions of the characters and reducing them to their basest roles, I mean, look at what has happened to Raj. He’s become a whiny girlfriendless caricature of who he used to be. He once had pride in his work and at least a little more self-confidence despite not really having  girlfriend throughout the series other than that one deaf girl nobody ever saw and lasted just an episode or two. I understand that adding more women into the equation would cause some changes but I didn’t expect all the nerdy stuff I liked about the show to disappear completely.


There is something that bothered me specifically about the recent episode 2 though. I felt at times that the line delivery and direction was a little like watching improv. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it really made me feel like I was watching the same characters I used to love doing something that I hate. I think it was just a poorly executed episode from everyone, like it was just thrown together and everyone was bored and didn’t care. It’s become so very different, and not in a good way. As Abed would say “Bad. Just baad.”