October 19th has officially come and gone


There are finally new episodes of Community! I was so excited that I watched it in what little amounts loaded up on the website at a time, then watched it again all over again, then watched it again the next morning. I still love it. I still love it so much. I am just so happy I’m getting a little more of it. Even better? Due to NBC pushing the air date back from October to February, the episodes just happened to line up so that the Halloween episode aired on Valentines Day. Allowing me to enjoy my favourite holiday on my least favourite holiday! Not because I’m a scary man-hating feminist, I just hate forced gift-giving and the idea that love is reserved for special occasions. I also have to say that the Halloween special was quite good, even by the “high” standards I judge the show on… 😉

So in conclusion, yay. Yay to new Community. 😀


The League is knocking it out of the park

Now I know that they watch football and that’s a baseball analogy, but I really couldn’t figure out how to work “touchdown” into the title…


There’s just something about a show that can deliver like this time and time again. In one of the latest episodes of The League they pick on mouth breathers everywhere, referencing pretty much everything that pisses me off with the latest generation of morons (and let’s face it, past generations too…) and it is accurate and daaaaaaaammmmnmnnnnn funny.

So funny in fact that I decided to go ahead and watch this season again, and on the was through I just noticed the doctor delivering Chalupa Batman is the a/c repair school VP from community. Nothing special, I know, but just a little useless factoid for ya. Either way I highly recommend this show to anyone, it pushes a lot of very sick boundaries (especially the brother/sister relationship between Ruxon’s wife and brother-in-law… just gross) which just makes it so much better.

Season 4 of Community: annnny time now…

I saw this a while ago, and don’t know how I totally forgot to post it.

Troy & Abed give us the rundown on what is going on with season 4…


Let’s face it, NBC didn’t even want to air the second half of the THIRD season let alone let this show have even a glimmer of a fourth so I’ll be happy if they could just release it all and be done with it. I love this show (and if you’re a regular reader you already knew that) and I just want there to be more of it. Even if it is just a few more episodes. So quit postponing it and RUN THE DAMNED SEASON ALREADY! Jeeze, how many people gotta get all mental about it before you do.

The thing that pisses me off the most about the fact that they seem so against it is that almost everyone I’ve talked to that has seen the show LOVES it. Everyone else seems at the very least interested. Why does mainstream TV try to kill everything we love? Why NBC? Why?