And all was right with the world!

I’m going to keep this short, because I’m balls tired, but MAN I got in some good TV tonight.

Gossip Girl had a twist I didn’t expect.

How I Met Your Mother was actually kinda good (although, has anyone else noticed that Lilly has gotten kinda really whiny since the whole baby thing?).

And 2 Broke Girls was cute as usual. I love the new eye candy addition (Ryan Hansen) too. ūüėČ

So maybe it was because I’m feeling a little better from being sick, or maybe it was that TV land got its act together, but I don’t care. I was entertained.


Catching up on Monday on a Tuesday

So I fell asleep pretty early last night and didn’t even get to catch any of my Monday night shows. So tonight is How I Met Your Two Broke Gossip Girls…


Everything was funny, as usual. Kat Dennings really killed it.

I find this show really just cant run out of material, and considering it’s main target of ridicule is the poor/rich difference (mostly in a making fun of rich people kind of way) and more importantly hipsters… because let’s face it, hipsters are a¬†never-ending¬†fountain of comic fodder.

This episode was particularly good for any girl out there wanting to stare at some¬†Amish¬†eye candy… it was also particularly vulgar, even for this show. And while they really got big into weaving “the cupcake business” into the story (an making sure to point it out in the show with supporting characters) they have taken a nice little break from it for the last few episodes and twisted in a little romantic side-story.


Which was pretty¬†disappointing… as it has been this season. I really hope that when I go back over them all that this final season blends into the rest of the story better than it’s doing in my head. Although they threw in a couple of HIMYM style “but we’ll get to that”, cliffhangers which was nice, so I guess we’ll see if it gets better…

… GOD I hope it gets better…


Which was gossipy and full of pretty clothes. Pretty much all it’s there for. So a win in my book.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan…

Gossip Girl

In my wanderings through TV land I try to avoid a lot of the vapid teenage dramedies, but there’s just something about Gossip Girl that I really, really like. It does share a creator with another one of my other major loves, Chuck. So after a little bit of obsessing over a couple of other really damn fantastic shows (… cough, cough, Sons of Anarchy… couch cough, Fringe…) I fell back on this old favourite. It has been on for a while now, and are on their sixth and final season.

I like this show for being up-front about what it is: a teenage soap opera. It’s meant to be. It’s about teenage Manhattan primadonnas from the upper east side who spend an¬†inordinate¬†amount of time scheming against each other and crying about it to the others, who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others,¬†who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others, and so on and so forth. This includes the guys. It’s about pretty people who wear pretty designer clothes and make vacuous comments about nothing that really matters, there’s a mild twist of wit but it makes no pretense about being anything other than that. It never tries to be anything more than what it is… mindless lady-tainment.


Season 6 has proved to be on par with the previous seasons. It’s nice to see that the kids have grown up a bit and are doing things on a bigger scale than high school, but they still cause the same amount of grief. It’s he-said/she-said and social media and socialite news blogs out the wazoo and I’m LOVING it! For no other reason than it gets my inner bitch excited. Because hey, crazy bitches need love too. ūüėČ