Marilyn Manson on the upcoming Californication… Woot?

Hank - Californication promo

So I’ve recently started watching Californication from the beginning (I got up to season 4 previously, but never got back on the bandwagon after the hiatus… also, this is why I’ve been absent fro so long) and despite being thoroughly disgusted with myself and every character on that show, I find that I still can’t help but watch. It’s like staring into the male psyche and seeing how they really wish they could live. I think the only saving grace to the show is that the main character is never truly happy, so I feel like he’s getting his come-uppins. While I don’t think it’s one of the best shows on TV, i do find it entertaining and plays on my lingering crush of Mulder from the X-Files.


The only reason I’m bringing the show up is because as I was watching the preview for next week I noticed one of my teenage heroes, Marilyn Manson, will be guest starring (season 6, episode 5). Now I do have to state that I have had no love for him past my 20th birthday, but it is nice to see a childhood hero pop up now and again in my adult life just to kinda see how they’ve been keeping themselves. It’s like seeing people from highschool who used to be popular and are fat, divorced or crazy now… so I’m a little excited. Considering I was fans of both X-Files and Manson at the same time, next week’s episode should be like a weird flashback to a weirder time for me. WOOT!

Marilyn Manson - Oldschool


Hung up on the Sons of Anarchy

I can’t stop thinking about it. I just want to watch more, now! I become fixated on one show at a time and sort of obsess over it in the course of a season… I’ll eventually move on to something else once this season of Sons is over.

For now though, episode 5 was on this week and it drew a bit of an odd reaction from me. It had a lot going on and went through Jax’s reaction to the events that are going on. In order to gain a little more clarity on the episode I went through the whole season to date for a second time. It made a lot more sense the second time around.


First of all, the fact that the new Charming crew members from the disbanded Nomad charter are the ones behind the home invasions and are looking in to the backgrounds of all the major players was news to me. Where did they come from? They must have been sitting on the outskirts of the club just waiting for a signal, or a chance to infiltrate the real decision-making charter of the club. But for who? I doubt it’d be Pope, as he’s more of a recent foe. Maybe the Irish? or the Cartel? Maybe it’s that latest fed that looks like he walked out of a Beatles concert? Or maybe it’s a new enemy. Something more dangerous than any of these people. It seems like everyone wants a piece of their action lately and they are being threatened on all fronts by dangerous new enemies they’ve never encountered before.

There is another story arc that’s becoming a major part of this season and it’s an internal conflict that I just can’t peg. There is anger and distrust between many of the club members and their associates. There is a rift developing between Tig and the rest of the crew. Jax feeling disdain towards him for bringing this new threat against the club and blaming him for Opie’s death. Tig feeling distrust and anger towards Clay for lying and setting the whole series of events in motion. Gemma and Jax fighting over Nero and Diadosa. Gemma’s constant threats against Tara with Wendy’s need to be in her son’s life (which could be a post on it’s own). There are trusts being bred and broken all over the place. It seems like the efforts to save and protect the club may be futile in the end, as there may be no club left to save.


This episode we a little less smash and bang as much as it was a great example of the never ending weight of being in charge. Instead of mourning his friend’s death, or spending time with his family after getting out of prison, Jax is sent right back to  work on solving the club’s problems. While things are seemingly settled for now there is a lot going on under the surface that is either going to help or hurt the bottom line. They still need to get retaliation against a lot of people and I’m looking forward to seeing that go down. The boys have shown a lot of smarts before in getting themselves out of a seemingly impossible situations (remember the ATF and the Irish?) but I see a lot of bad coming out of all the efforts towards good and there is a lot pushing back against the Sons. I like where it’s going and when a show keeps me on my toes.

Breaking Bad keeps getting Badder!

Yes, I know, that’s grammatically wrong and ‘badder’ isn’t a word. I WAS TRYING TO BE CLEVER!

ahem … anyyywhooooooooo 


So last night I sat down and watched the latest episodes of Breaking Bad (season 5 episode 5). Bryan Cranston’s character, Walt Whitman, just keeps getting crazier and I can’t help but to think he’s a little out of his element. The greed has completely taken over and the power is getting to his head Scarface style, so what’s going to happen next? I feel, and lets face it good storytelling dictates, that sh*t’s going to hit the fan any time now.

I’m positive I’m not the only one who thinks so, but the question is how? There are so many cracks in Walt’s proverbial armour that it’s hard to figure out how it’s all going to go down. As it stands there is the immediate threat of *spoilers* the kid who got shot, but what about the rest of the issues? There is the ever-present danger of his DEA brother-in-law, Hank. The fact that whats-his-stupid-face that slept with the terrible wife is still alive (yeah, I don’t like either of them as people… as characters they really round out the story, so I love that they’re in it). The 9 people who are outside of the current business who are getting paid to keep their mouths shut, and there are more!

Those are just the people other than Walt who could potentially threaten his business. Then there’s Walt himself. He’s clearly boarded the crazy train and doesn’t care to get off. He’s gone from a nice, meek high school science teacher to a total psycho druglord who has no visible moral center. I love it. The thing is, he’s got a ‘too big for his britches’ thing going on and it’s bound to collide with the aforementioned loose ends. This is part of what makes the show so good, it’s highly volatile and unpredictable, with so many directions for the plot to turn it’s nearly impossible to know for sure what’s going to happen next.


So how far will he get before his ambition gets the best of him? Who knows. Other than the producers, writers and cast… But since I can’t question them we’ll have to stick with guessing for now. All I know for sure is that it’s going to be one hell of an explosion, and I can’t wait to see it!