How have I NOT been watching Shameless?!


This show has a lot of stuff that I dig, starting with a strong female lead (played by the gorgeous and talented Emmy Rossum) and William H. Macy. Based on a UK series it’s about the Gallaghers, a family of 6 kids with a runaway mom and a drunk dad, and how they push to survive through poverty, their parents’ poor judgement and the number of bad decisions and hardships they all have to overcome as individuals and as a family. With some help from their friends, a spoiled rich guy who is bored of high society and wants nothing more than to be a part of this crazy life and family, a particularly well portrayed agoraphobic mother (Joan Cusack) of a crazy promiscuous daughter, a pair of sexually deviant neighbors who make a living bar tending and making porn and a family of very disturbed miscreants with worse parents than the Gallaghers.

Now while all of this sounds horrible, and it really is hard to watch sometimes, it is absolutely heartwarming. Coming from a life that is not nearly as rough but still pretty bad I can very much relate to a few of the situations these folks get themselves into, and the constant struggle for money is something that I (and I’m sure many many more out there) can wholly identify with. I mean, I’ve watched it twice through, back to back so I’m clearly hooked. It’s like beautiful poetry about a train wreck in slow motion hitting a pile of baby animals… so well written and well acted that you just can’t help but love it. 


Meanwhile, in Manhattan…

Gossip Girl

In my wanderings through TV land I try to avoid a lot of the vapid teenage dramedies, but there’s just something about Gossip Girl that I really, really like. It does share a creator with another one of my other major loves, Chuck. So after a little bit of obsessing over a couple of other really damn fantastic shows (… cough, cough, Sons of Anarchy… couch cough, Fringe…) I fell back on this old favourite. It has been on for a while now, and are on their sixth and final season.

I like this show for being up-front about what it is: a teenage soap opera. It’s meant to be. It’s about teenage Manhattan primadonnas from the upper east side who spend an inordinate amount of time scheming against each other and crying about it to the others, who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others, who then scheme against each other and crying about it to others, and so on and so forth. This includes the guys. It’s about pretty people who wear pretty designer clothes and make vacuous comments about nothing that really matters, there’s a mild twist of wit but it makes no pretense about being anything other than that. It never tries to be anything more than what it is… mindless lady-tainment.


Season 6 has proved to be on par with the previous seasons. It’s nice to see that the kids have grown up a bit and are doing things on a bigger scale than high school, but they still cause the same amount of grief. It’s he-said/she-said and social media and socialite news blogs out the wazoo and I’m LOVING it! For no other reason than it gets my inner bitch excited. Because hey, crazy bitches need love too. 😉