Canadian comedy plants a new SEED

In my endless search for worthwhile television, I have stumbled upon a new comedy that split my sides in two. It is only two episodes in, and I hope it continues to deliver as well as it has so far, but I have to say that it is rare that I get so hooked so fast. The big kicker? IT’S CANADIAN!! I have seen Corner Gas, and Dan for Mayor, and those shows have a certain “way too Canadian” dryness to them that I appreciate but this new one is fast, quick-witted and a little more horrible than I’m used to seeing out of Canadian TV.

I am talking about SEED.


Starring a few people who look¬†vaguely¬†familiar but I cannot place for the life of me, it’s about a typical single man who lied about his sperm bank profile and who’s “children” track him down. The parents who payed for these children don’t necessarily appreciate their kids wanting to get to know their donor father (and are sure to state it whenever possible) but allow it to keep their kids happy.

Now while that sounds like a bit of a silly storyline I found that the quick-wittedness of the dialogue and stupidity of the main character, not to mention some of the excellent one-liners it has, reminds me of a mix of Community, The League and Modern Family. AND IT’S CANADIAN!!! I still can’t get over that part…