Revolution: not revolutionary but seriously entertaining



In Sci-Fi there is one good thing (be it a movie, TV show, comic book, etc.) for every thousand bad ones, so it is hard to be overly-critical (at least for me) of a genre that so often fails. That being said I don’t go rushing out for every little iota of Sci-Fi out there just because there is a lack of really good stuff to find, but there has to be a middle ground somewhere for it, right? I personally like the idea of cheesy TV. It’s one of the things that I really enjoy about it. Yes, there are plot holes, and over-acting, but you get that in anything. What I like is the idea behind it. Generally that’s all it takes for me.

It is refreshing to see a post-apocalypse show that ISN’T about zombies these days. Let’s face it, Walking Dead has cornered that one. The fact that somebody didn’t try pushing the line of the zombie story to some ridiculous proportion is incredible to me (I’m still waiting for some kind of zombie musical or sitcom or something dumb like that) so that is already a plus one in my book. I really like the sort of pioneer swashbuckling wild west civil war style world they live in, and the hint of whimsy with the “power pendants” is a nice  bonus. I feel like it should be a little more steampunk-y though…

Regardless, rebels, psychopathic dictators, roving bands of raiders and bounty hunters all mix together in a world with no electricity and the story follows the people I believe are going to be unknowingly responsible for turning the power back on. What’s not to love? I’m a little mad the show won’t be returning to TV until MARCH.


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