The League is knocking it out of the park

Now I know that they watch football and that’s a baseball analogy, but I really couldn’t figure out how to work “touchdown” into the title…


There’s just something about a show that can deliver like this time and time again. In one of the latest episodes of The League they pick on mouth breathers everywhere, referencing pretty much everything that pisses me off with the latest generation of morons (and let’s face it, past generations too…) and it is accurate and daaaaaaaammmmnmnnnnn funny.

So funny in fact that I decided to go ahead and watch this season again, and on the was through I just noticed the doctor delivering Chalupa Batman is the a/c repair school VP from community. Nothing special, I know, but just a little useless factoid for ya. Either way I highly recommend this show to anyone, it pushes a lot of very sick boundaries (especially the brother/sister relationship between Ruxon’s wife and brother-in-law… just gross) which just makes it so much better.


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