Comic Book Men: filling the nerdy void Big Bang left behind

While The Big Bang Theory is nowhere near done the level of serious nerdiness it provided me with has been lacking in recent seasons and I find it leaving a bigger and bigger need to get my fill elsewhere. And then came Comic Book Men…

Comic Book Men

A show about Kevin Smith’s comic book store in New Jersey, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and the wonderful assortment of character that wander through the shop. It’s kind of like Pawn Stars for comic book nerds, with little snippets of information about the items being sold in the show, and while I may not be the biggest fan of reality TV (and by that I mean I hate it) I actually love this show. They also show a little bit of what the staff gets up to on a regular basis, from sales competitions at the flea market to the zombie run, they definitely know how to make work go by in style… a very, very nerdy style. There’s also enough Star Wars paraphernalia going through the place that I can at least keep up a little. The staff, Kevin Smith and their friend Bryan (who kind of looks like Gangalf if he stopped giving a crap about everything but food) sit around a podcast recording rig on a poker table. It’s really all just a bunch of friends getting together and catching up on their weeks and reminiscing about their youth. It’s not really action-packed or anything, but it’s kinda cute, and if you appreciate comic books, or Sci-Fi or Horror memorabilia then I highly recommend this show.

I really just love it because it tickles my nerd bone.


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