GAH! There. It’s done.

Fringe Opening Credits

So I finally finished catching up on Fringe.

After almost a month (that’s right, a MONTH!) I have watched every single episode of Fringe. Thankfully, because it was making me miss a lot of my other favourites. I fell behind in Sons of Anarchy, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Once Upon a Time (Walking Dead I like to save because it gives me nightmares…). So I am happy to be able to get back to… well… cleaning and doing my laundry mostly. Plus, now that I have been unchained from my TV, I feel the urge to cook so I won’t be eating a bag of chips for dinner every other night and McDonald’s for the rest.


It’s a show that reminded me so much of X-Files at the start. It took a different turn very quickly but I still stayed with it. It really got weird.

I really liked it, don’t get me wrong, and I really fell in love with a few of the characters but I thought that most of season 3 was ridiculous (even by Sci-Fi standards) and just went really out there with no real direction. A lot after that was really ridiculous too, but it at least seemed to have more focus. THIS season went really off the grid by going post-apocalyptic, and I kinda like it (mostly because I really like that kind of stuff) and it seems like it might have broken the “curse” I felt was plaguing it…

Nobody ever dies!!! Well, other than the people who die at the beginning of every episode in the fringe events… I’m talking about the main cast. There was Charlie, the partner, somewhere early on who was killed by a shapeshifter but then they reincarnated him in the alternate universe. Then there was the partner from the alternate universe, Lee, who was killed but also replaced by the alternate version of himself. Finally we come to Etta, the daughter. She also was killed. I’m just waiting now for her reincarnation from some other timeline, or universe, or spiritual body jump, or to pop out of someones ass. I feel like that last one is the only one that hasn’t happened yet… So for the sake of the story and giving it a little more depth I hope she stays gone. Plus it was weird seeing a twenty-something year old girl calling a thirty-something year old couple her parents. 


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