More Community news… and of course it’s bad

So after everything going on with this show now we get this news?! Why can’t they all just get along and finish the show without making people riot?

This could go either way, really, but usually when something like this happens to a show already submerged in problems I don’t see good things on the horizon. I really hope this doesn’t just all totally kill the 4th season we’ve all been waiting for. By “this” I absolutely mean all of the terrible raging crap pile that is building up on top of this show.


Community Season 4 Spoilers Community and Chevy Chase are officially parting ways.

TVLine has confirmed that Chase and producers have come to a mutual agreement that finds the comedy vet departing the cult NBC series effective immediately. The sudden ouster means that he will not appear in one or two of Community‘s final Season 4 episodes, which have yet to be shot.

Our sister site Deadline first reported the news.

Because Community is shooting the end of its upcoming season out of sequence and production on the finale has already wrapped, Chase’s unlovable curmudgeon Pierce will likely appear in the season ender but not in the handful of installments leading up to it.

VIDEO | Community Stars Explain the Crazy Shift Going on With the Season Premiere Date

Chase’s exit is unsurprising given his tumultuous relationship with the still-benched sitcom. In early October, the actor found himself at the center of an on-set…

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The League is knocking it out of the park

Now I know that they watch football and that’s a baseball analogy, but I really couldn’t figure out how to work “touchdown” into the title…


There’s just something about a show that can deliver like this time and time again. In one of the latest episodes of The League they pick on mouth breathers everywhere, referencing pretty much everything that pisses me off with the latest generation of morons (and let’s face it, past generations too…) and it is accurate and daaaaaaaammmmnmnnnnn funny.

So funny in fact that I decided to go ahead and watch this season again, and on the was through I just noticed the doctor delivering Chalupa Batman is the a/c repair school VP from community. Nothing special, I know, but just a little useless factoid for ya. Either way I highly recommend this show to anyone, it pushes a lot of very sick boundaries (especially the brother/sister relationship between Ruxon’s wife and brother-in-law… just gross) which just makes it so much better.

Catching up on Monday on a Tuesday

So I fell asleep pretty early last night and didn’t even get to catch any of my Monday night shows. So tonight is How I Met Your Two Broke Gossip Girls…


Everything was funny, as usual. Kat Dennings really killed it.

I find this show really just cant run out of material, and considering it’s main target of ridicule is the poor/rich difference (mostly in a making fun of rich people kind of way) and more importantly hipsters… because let’s face it, hipsters are a never-ending fountain of comic fodder.

This episode was particularly good for any girl out there wanting to stare at some Amish eye candy… it was also particularly vulgar, even for this show. And while they really got big into weaving “the cupcake business” into the story (an making sure to point it out in the show with supporting characters) they have taken a nice little break from it for the last few episodes and twisted in a little romantic side-story.


Which was pretty disappointing… as it has been this season. I really hope that when I go back over them all that this final season blends into the rest of the story better than it’s doing in my head. Although they threw in a couple of HIMYM style “but we’ll get to that”, cliffhangers which was nice, so I guess we’ll see if it gets better…

… GOD I hope it gets better…


Which was gossipy and full of pretty clothes. Pretty much all it’s there for. So a win in my book.

Comic Book Men: filling the nerdy void Big Bang left behind

While The Big Bang Theory is nowhere near done the level of serious nerdiness it provided me with has been lacking in recent seasons and I find it leaving a bigger and bigger need to get my fill elsewhere. And then came Comic Book Men…

Comic Book Men

A show about Kevin Smith’s comic book store in New Jersey, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and the wonderful assortment of character that wander through the shop. It’s kind of like Pawn Stars for comic book nerds, with little snippets of information about the items being sold in the show, and while I may not be the biggest fan of reality TV (and by that I mean I hate it) I actually love this show. They also show a little bit of what the staff gets up to on a regular basis, from sales competitions at the flea market to the zombie run, they definitely know how to make work go by in style… a very, very nerdy style. There’s also enough Star Wars paraphernalia going through the place that I can at least keep up a little. The staff, Kevin Smith and their friend Bryan (who kind of looks like Gangalf if he stopped giving a crap about everything but food) sit around a podcast recording rig on a poker table. It’s really all just a bunch of friends getting together and catching up on their weeks and reminiscing about their youth. It’s not really action-packed or anything, but it’s kinda cute, and if you appreciate comic books, or Sci-Fi or Horror memorabilia then I highly recommend this show.

I really just love it because it tickles my nerd bone.