Like watching a car crash


It’s getting redundant. Not even getting, just redundant. Has been for a while. While I hate when they cancel shows I like well before their times I especially hate when they take something I like and twist and turn it into something that’s just a steaming pile of same old stupidity. While the show used to have a smarter feeling to it it’s just gotten to the point of base humour and horrible jokes. I imagine the people who work on this show sitting around and saying “How do we make this show palatable for the masses?” “We could take out all the nerdy references that nobody gets?” “Sure, let’s do that” and so they stripped the show of it’s essence and kept all the stupid nerd-bashing jokes. I keep watching, and I keep laughing in disbelief as the show runs itself into the stupid wall.

Just another example of what mainstream media does to the things I like.


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