Season 4 of Community: annnny time now…

I saw this a while ago, and don’t know how I totally forgot to post it.

Troy & Abed give us the rundown on what is going on with season 4…


Let’s face it, NBC didn’t even want to air the second half of the THIRD season let alone let this show have even a glimmer of a fourth so I’ll be happy if they could just release it all and be done with it. I love this show (and if you’re a regular reader you already knew that) and I just want there to be more of it. Even if it is just a few more episodes. So quit postponing it and RUN THE DAMNED SEASON ALREADY! Jeeze, how many people gotta get all mental about it before you do.

The thing that pisses me off the most about the fact that they seem so against it is that almost everyone I’ve talked to that has seen the show LOVES it. Everyone else seems at the very least interested. Why does mainstream TV try to kill everything we love? Why NBC? Why?


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