Chalupa Batman McArthur and season 4 of The League

I love this show. I have no interest in sports and I still love this show. It’s ridiculous and makes me giggle every couple of seconds. Although I don’t really understand fantasy sports leagues I enjoy the humour and backhanded strange way these friends treat each other in order to win the coveted Shiva trophy and rights to ridicule the lowest scoring member. I suppose it’s guy humour but it still makes me laugh. It’s definitely good for something light and easy.

And another thing, I love Jon LaJoie as Taco (and if you don’t know him please check out the stuff he’s got on YouTube) and the rest of the cast is pretty spot on. I’m really curious to see if the couple that just had a baby will allow the name “Chalupa Batman McArthur” to continue. See? Pretty ridiculous.

I tried to find a clip of that particular song, but here’s this one instead. Equally ridiculous. 

** UPDATE **

January 28th, 2013

I look every now and again to see if the Chalupa Batman video somehow manages to become available, and still no… however I did manage to find the soundclip. Thank you to the guy who posted it! Keep in mind that the rest of the shows audio is still in there, so you hear… well… lets just call it the rest of the action…



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