How I met your sons of anarchy

Yeah, I watched both and now I’m doing a combo post. I’m pretty sure I can’t keep up on my posts otherwise. You’ve all been deprived of my opinions on too many shows already. ūüėČ


This episode of Sons of Anarchy was a little more low-key than the previous three episodes. While the season opened with one hell of a bang, this episode really pumped the brakes and gave us a second to mourn for the dearly departed. It sets the tone for the upcoming war and lets us know that the club is not prepared. Personally this feels like it’s going to be one crazy season. The Sons really have no clue what to do about this new bad guy and even admit to so during church, but Damon Pope is clearly not the kind of gangster they’re used to. He uses methods of doing his dirty work that don’t involve getting his own hands dirty, which is pretty much the complete opposite of the bikers.¬†I really am flabbergasted about what’s going to happen next. My best and closest¬†guess¬†is that they’re going to find a crack in Pope’s¬†armor¬†earlier than they thought, and they might just get lucky… yeah, pretty vague, right? The grim reality is that they have a history of snapping on someone at¬†inopportune¬†times and it generally gets them into trouble, so we’ll all have to wait and see how it goes.


While I was unsatisfied by the premier of the show episode 2 delivered a little better than the last one. While there was still this kind of “blah” quality to it there was a little more of the usual HIMYM that I was used to. I just find that this Barney and Quinn thing is a little uninteresting. Also, why the hell didn’t they explain Robin’s new boyfriend Nick is there or how they found each other again?! they set it up in a previous season as a story, so finish the damn story! I really hope they get into that at least later, other wise it’s kind of like throwing it in there to wrap up a loose end that they didn’t know what to do with. Very unlike How I Met Your Mother. I’m still a little miffed by the show’s direction so far, but I’m willing to stick it out and hope that it keeps going up.


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