Getting back to the Community

Community opening credits

It’s official!

It’s been announced!

Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8 p.m ET/PT!


I can’t believe they’re making me (and really all of us) wait for over three more months. Regardless I am ecstatic. Yay!


Like watching a car crash


It’s getting redundant. Not even getting, just redundant. Has been for a while. While I hate when they cancel shows I like well before their times I especially hate when they take something I like and twist and turn it into something that’s just a steaming pile of same old stupidity. While the show used to have a smarter feeling to it it’s just gotten to the point of base humour and horrible jokes. I imagine the people who work on this show sitting around and saying “How do we make this show palatable for the masses?” “We could take out all the nerdy references that nobody gets?” “Sure, let’s do that” and so they stripped the show of it’s essence and kept all the stupid nerd-bashing jokes. I keep watching, and I keep laughing in disbelief as the show runs itself into the stupid wall.

Just another example of what mainstream media does to the things I like.

Season 4 of Community: annnny time now…

I saw this a while ago, and don’t know how I totally forgot to post it.

Troy & Abed give us the rundown on what is going on with season 4…


Let’s face it, NBC didn’t even want to air the second half of the THIRD season let alone let this show have even a glimmer of a fourth so I’ll be happy if they could just release it all and be done with it. I love this show (and if you’re a regular reader you already knew that) and I just want there to be more of it. Even if it is just a few more episodes. So quit postponing it and RUN THE DAMNED SEASON ALREADY! Jeeze, how many people gotta get all mental about it before you do.

The thing that pisses me off the most about the fact that they seem so against it is that almost everyone I’ve talked to that has seen the show LOVES it. Everyone else seems at the very least interested. Why does mainstream TV try to kill everything we love? Why NBC? Why?

Ha! Britta on Fringe

I’ve been going through the series Fringe, getting re-acquainted with a show I lost touch with a while ago, and just noticed that Britta from Community (and by that I meant the actress Gillian Jacobs) was on an episode of Fringe during the first season. She barely said a word and had this awful red hair but it was definitely her! The worst part was once I figured that out I immediately couldn’t see anything else and it made her seem a little out of context to Fringe. I love/hate when this happens though, I fall in love with one character and can’t see the actor in another context properly. It kind of ruins it a little for me, but it makes me laugh at the same time. Oh well, I can’t stop it. C’est la vie!