How I Met Your Mother: off to a rocky start


In all my excitement catching up with the Sons, I forgot to watch premiers for just about everything else I was excited for! I feel like an ass, but Sons of Anarchy is so good that I have ignored the rest of TV for it… and I don’t feel bad or regret it for a minute!


Amid my non-stop streaming of the show I had to take one break because the players were taking FOREVER to load, so I watched the premier of season 8 of How I Met Your Mother (holy hell, has it been eight years?!). After being warned that it was pretty “meh” I decided to watch anyhow and give it the benefit of the doubt… yeah, it was “meh”. Not hilarious like it usually is, not as straight up unusual. Just kinda blah. This may be because I was waiting to get back to Charming and see what was up with the bikers, but maybe not. I will have to give it another viewing, give it a real chance, but for now I was utterly disappointed. It may have been the return of Victoria, as she always did kinda bother me, but I feel like I just had a hard time paying attention and was a little uninterested. I did appreciate the glimpse of the mother at the end of the episode, considering her appearance means that the Victoria story will eventually end and that she’s NOT the mother. All I have to say is that the show better be done after this season because I’m not sure if it’s going to be able to sustain even it’s most loyal followers if it keeps on this path.


Again, maybe it was just because I was in the middle of a Sons run, but I think the show has lost a little of it’s magic… Like I said, I’ll have to give it another shot… I’m always willing to give it another shot… I just hope it makes a difference.


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