Something satisfying in breaking habits

I went away (back to my hometown) for the weekend that just passed. I spent two days seeing friends and family, and generally drinking and having a good time. I didn’t really get a chance for my faithful companion TV. I missed it while I was gone! So after a long weekend of partying and hanging out with real people I am ready to relax and live in the land of not so real people. People I don’t have to interact with. People I can just watch while I relax in my pajamas.

As I sit back and stare at the same episodes of Community I’ve seen a million times I feel ultimately at home. I move on to Weeds (still  only on season 4, I have so much left to go!) where I can drift off into yet another story of someone else’s life and I feel relaxed. Finally. I can un-ball my stomach that feels like it’s been in a knot all weekend and I just not talk or move and nuzzle my cat. It’s bliss! There is something so satisfying in denying yourself something that you do every day, then just sitting back and taking it all in when you give in. Breaking a habit for a few days and shaking up your routine then just falling back into it is just a very incredible feeling. Especially for someone who does the same thing every day most of the time. Taking a break for a while helps to realize things, or remember others. Like why I wanted to start watching Weeds again, I think I was truly curious to see if Shane stays crazy or gets better, I stopped watching right when he started going really off the handle. I started to remember little scenes here and there that I thought I had forgotten about.

I have to remind myself to do do this more often, it really is a nice way to change your perspective on the same old thing. As Barney Stinson would say, “what’s the first syllable in rut-tine?”! Touche, sir… touche.


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