Yes, Finally! Sons of Anarchy!

So I can un-clench. I’ve caught up on most of the first season, at this rate I’ll be able to watch the season premier sometime towards the season finale… I totally forgot about the ATF agents. Specifically the lady agent, June Stahl. I mean, I remembered that ATF was around and involved in the show but her character specifically? Not a bit. I don’t know why either. I really like her character, she’s psychotic! It happens to me a lot, when I don’t watch something for a while (or at least a million and one times) I totally forget whole chunks of the story or entire characters.

This show particularly I seem to have forgotten most of. I’m only on the first season and there are several key things that I forgot about but absolutely love about the show. The IRA affiliation, the Kyle situation (if you haven’t seen the show I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s BRUTAL), and almost everything in between. I really only remember a couple of the main characters (Jax, Gemma, Clay and Opie, mostly) and the feeling I get when I watch the show. I try to pay close attention because it’s so good I just want to soak up all that I can, it’s so good! The fun part of it now is that I get to be reacquainted with all the little things I forgot about, and it’s almost like a brand new show again, it’s awesome.

Sons of Ansrchy - Jax - Gemma - Clay - Opie

The other thing I almost forgot is why I love the Jax character so much. He is proud of who he is while being fully aware of the repercussions of his choices and actions. He is badass without having to advertise it. He is gentle without really letting his guard down. He’s also pretty damn hot! I like that he is tortured by the things he sometimes has to do for the good of the club, and the actor playing him (Charlie Hunnam) does such a stellar job playing him (along with everyone else in the show) that it really draws me in. I’m really hoping I can get through the seasons quickly so that I can see the season premier that I missed last night sooner rather than later.

*** UPDATE: I finished Season 1 ***

Sep – 13th – 2012

So I finished season one, and it took two days. At this rate I should be all caught up by the end of next week, so I’ll have a lot more to discuss about the show and its characters very soon. Try as hard as I can I still don’t remember much about what’s coming up, I figured that as I watched I would start to remember, but I just don’t! I so wish I could just watch the premier and call it a day but it’ll drive me crazy not knowing how everyone got to where they are, like I’ve never seen it before (by the way, I have seen it. All four of the seasons prior to this one. Several times…… Still nothing. Partially why I decided to write this blog, because then I have notes. Haha!) so I’m sticking to the plan for now. Until I just cave because I have no willpower.


3 thoughts on “Yes, Finally! Sons of Anarchy!

  1. All I can say is, hurry up, cause Sons is on a roll and your missing it. You need to be able to comment on stuff right after it happens. Come on, 5 episodes at a time, catch up and lets talk. Love this show.

    • I am doing my best with my limited time! I’m alllllmost into the second season now, and it’s only been two days so I’ll be all caught up in like a week. I’ll have some reviews up for the season premier shortly after that and we can have a good chat about it, since every part of this show is awesome! 🙂

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