A quick Weeds refresh


Weeds - Mary Louise Parker

About eight years ago I started watching a little show called Weeds. It’s (as most people know by now) about a suburban mother of two teenage boys who takes up selling pot after her husband suddenly passes away. I was really liking the first few seasons because this woman kept getting herself into rediculous situations with her new profession and made one bad decision after another to herself out of them. It was funny to me to see a suburban white mom turn into a “gansta” and learn how to play the drug game, but I stopped watching after a little while (around season 4 or 5) and never really picked it back up again. I didn’t have a reason for not watching it anymore, I just never did. I felt disinterested in something that once had me glued to the screen. It started to bug me a little and when my rommate started watching it recently I sat down and became enthralled all over again.


So I watched non-stop for a couple of days and got to about mid-season 3 before realizing why I had stopped watching the first time. This character is a terrible mother and kind of a slut and her kids are going mental because of it. It’s hard for me to watch it happen, I just feel bad for everyone involved. So at least I solved that mystery, but now I’m having another issue (other than not being able to stop watching the horror unfold)… the problem of things that I used to like turning out to be something I don’t like anymore without me ever realizing it. Apparently I grew up a little, who would have figured. I’m thinking about all the other stuff I say I like and saying to myself “crap, now you can only talk about recent things, because you can’t trust the opinions of past you.” Does this mean that I’ll have to watch a bunch of older movies and TV shows that I haven’t seen in years? Yes. Am I upset about this? Not really, I’m just wondering when I’ll have the time to watch The Crow, Tommy Boy, all the old X-Men cartoon episodes, the X-Files, Stargate: SG-1… I could go on forever.

Multi - The Crow - Tommy Boy - X-Files - X-Men - Stargate SG1


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