I wonder if TV is drawing inspiration, or a caricature?

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a bit of a fan of this show called Awkward on MTV. This show is cute and I find it mildly entertaining, however part of watching shows that are well below my age group makes me ponder whether or not TV is a reflection of society (It also makes me realize that I’m not a teenager anymore…). If it is then life has changed some, but even more shockingly it has stayed the same in a lot of other ways.


Remember TV moms ten years ago? They had warm and caring personalities and an almost divine ability to soothe the soul. They always knew what to say and when to get involved and whether they were married, divorced, or widowed they were always looking out for their children. So what happened to that mom? It seems like over the years she’s been knocked off her pedestal and replaced with someone who is selfish, amoral and condescending (not to mention really pretty dumb). I’ve been noticing a trend of terrible mothers on TV the last few years. They aren’t present in their children’s lives and have an attitude of friendship and co-existence when it comes to their relationship with their kids. They encourage bad morals and practice what they preach. Are these ditsy overgrown teenagers a sign of whats happened to mothers in real life? At least TV dads have been elevated to pick up the slack. All together the family dynamic has changed a lot in TV land. As someone who grew up in a very supportive and loving family environment, I wonder if the broken home full of people who have no idea what they’re doing is a mirror of real life? Have moms world-over lost their position of respect? Or has television just made them caricatures of how we saw our parents when we were kids? 


While mom has truly become a different kind of person the high school bully certainly hasn’t, particularly the “queen bee”. I was watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon shows, what can I say?) and the main bitchy lady-bully acts the same as any other I see on teen TV today. They’re still mean, kinda stupid and controlling. These mean girls walk around with minions and create chaos and sadness for everyone around them because they are not only sociopaths but insecure and horrible people.

So why is it different for moms than it is for bullies? Again I wonder if this is all a comparison to real life, and if so I fear for the development of today’s teenagers.


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