There is just something about TV

I know it’s not the most engaging of medium, I mean, it requires little to no activity or participation on your end. Just sit back, relax, and zone out for a little while. It’s been credited with turning kids brains to mush and causing bad behaviour. People think it’s going to kill them, blind them, make them crazy, make them do things they didn’t want to do, and that it makes them overweight and stupid. While I agree there is some merit to these arguments I find it’s like everything else I do that’s bad for me: just fine. Sometimes you need to indulge yourself, just don’t let it destroy your life. The thing about TV is that if you appreciate it for what it’s made for it can really be a great thing to have in your life.


I’ve been living in a new place and am still a little broke from the move. Pursuing a life goal can be a draining experience and I had spent some time trying to get things off the ground. I was just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and BAM!….. I get hit with some bad news. It sucked, I cried, I sought comfort from friends and family. But when that was all over and I was just done existing I had an escape. I turned on my favourite shows and drifted off into someone else’s life. It’s one of the things that make TV an essential vice to me. So it doesn’t help you exercise your body or mind, but what if that’s just the last thing you want to do? And what if you just need something mindless to focus on? It provides you with exactly that. It provided that for me when I really needed it I’m not saying that it should be your only source of comfort in bad times, I’m just saying that at the end of they day when you’re just done it can be a really good way to just wind down and fade away for a little while.


One thought on “There is just something about TV

  1. Thanks for saying it out loud. Most of us feel the way you do. I love t.v. and I can’t imagine life without it. Viewing other people’s struggle to reach their goals and dream allows me to share their experiences without the awkwardness of them trying to explain to me personally what they are trying to do. I think its more honest that way.

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