Shut up, Leonard!


I know I talk about Community a lot, but there is just so much about it that gets me every time. One of my favourite things are all the different classmates around campus. I feel like the show really does a good job using these characters to fill out the different stories and add hilarity at every turn. Star-burns, Garett, Vicki, Magnitude and most of all Leonard. He’s just so random, like a turtle with no shell who walks around with complete disregard his old age. He also pops into the show at the oddest times with the most rediculous lines.

Community Loenard Rodriguez election stats

LET’S KICK SOME TAINT! And other Leonard-related quotes.

First of all, this recurring character has one recurring joke. It all starts during Britta’s “trial” next to the swimming pool…

Jeff: … everyone on this campus is nuts.

Leonard: Not me!

Jeff: Oh come on, Leonard. If you’re going to argue with me put on a bathing suit.

Leonard: Busted!

And then there is one of my favourite lines of his during the paintball episodes in season 2…

Leonard: Britta, I’ve been in a few real wars, this one is actually the most terrifying.

Or there are the classic “shut up Leonard” lines…

Shut up Leonard…

  • I know about your prescription socks.
  • We know about your adult diapers.
  • Those teenage girls you play ping pong with are doing it ironically.

And there are so many more. He seems to just get on everyone’s nerves and behave like a poorly controlled teenager, which makes him adorable and annoying all at the same time. Just another thing that keeps me coming back to Community.


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