Breaking Bad, why you gotta do me like that?!


This episode was awesomely tense. I found that it was, as one of my favourite Community characters would put it, “wall to wall facial expression and emotional nuance”. From this I can only really guess at what the real intentions behind everything being said is. Unlike Abed, however, I am more than comfortable with these things and was quite happy with the way this episode was done.


The first thing that really stood out for me was that he had a really good offer to get out of the meth business but didn’t take it. His excuse not to is a load of crap, because if he did stop cooking he might have a chance to repair his relationships with his family. I know most Breaking Bad fans really viciously hate Skyler White but I don’t think she’s beyond forgiving him if he really gave it up and begged for forgiveness, despite the fact that she does visibly hate him right now. It’s not like she’s all that innocent in everything, after all, he would just have to mean it. It seems to me that he’s just gotten selfish and drunk with power, and he even said as much with his “I’m in the empire business” line in his talk with Jesse before dinner.

Speaking of the dinner scene… it was so awkward it was painful to watch. First I feel the need to point out that I though Aaron Paul (the actor who plays Jesse) did a phenomenal job during this scene. His facial expressions were priceless and really just spot on. Back to non-reality… Walt is obviously leading to a point with inviting Jesse to dinner, which he reveals at the end of the meal, but all of this manipulation of others  is catching up with him. Not only does Jesse realize Walt’s not being sincere when he’s talking about the shooting of the young boy, but his wife finds out that he told his in-laws about her affair to make her look bad. Is this why Jesse calls it quits? How long will Skyler stay with him until the situation comes to a head? Why doesn’t Walt just divorce her and cut her some kind of deal (like if he leaves her and the kids alone, she’ll keep her mouth shut)? On these questions I can only speculate.


So the part I loved that made me want to kick my TV? the end.” WHAT?! YOU’RE GOING TO LEAVE IT LIKE THAT?!?!” So what’s Walt’s idea? I’m going to throw my guess in and say that he’s going to go work for the rival dealers Mike was going to sell the methylamine to in the first place. (I tried looking up how to spell that word, but found about every spelling, so I’m going with this one, so I apologize if it’s wrong…) I don’t know what else it really could be, but I’m hoping that next week comes fast, so I can find out for sure.


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