Breaking Bad keeps getting Badder!

Yes, I know, that’s grammatically wrong and ‘badder’ isn’t a word. I WAS TRYING TO BE CLEVER!

ahem … anyyywhooooooooo 


So last night I sat down and watched the latest episodes of Breaking Bad (season 5 episode 5). Bryan Cranston’s character, Walt Whitman, just keeps getting crazier and I can’t help but to think he’s a little out of his element. The greed has completely taken over and the power is getting to his head Scarface style, so what’s going to happen next? I feel, and lets face it good storytelling dictates, that sh*t’s going to hit the fan any time now.

I’m positive I’m not the only one who thinks so, but the question is how? There are so many cracks in Walt’s proverbial armour that it’s hard to figure out how it’s all going to go down. As it stands there is the immediate threat of *spoilers* the kid who got shot, but what about the rest of the issues? There is the ever-present danger of his DEA brother-in-law, Hank. The fact that whats-his-stupid-face that slept with the terrible wife is still alive (yeah, I don’t like either of them as people… as characters they really round out the story, so I love that they’re in it). The 9 people who are outside of the current business who are getting paid to keep their mouths shut, and there are more!

Those are just the people other than Walt who could potentially threaten his business. Then there’s Walt himself. He’s clearly boarded the crazy train and doesn’t care to get off. He’s gone from a nice, meek high school science teacher to a total psycho druglord who has no visible moral center. I love it. The thing is, he’s got a ‘too big for his britches’ thing going on and it’s bound to collide with the aforementioned loose ends. This is part of what makes the show so good, it’s highly volatile and unpredictable, with so many directions for the plot to turn it’s nearly impossible to know for sure what’s going to happen next.


So how far will he get before his ambition gets the best of him? Who knows. Other than the producers, writers and cast… But since I can’t question them we’ll have to stick with guessing for now. All I know for sure is that it’s going to be one hell of an explosion, and I can’t wait to see it!


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