Time to Celebrate

Part of the reason I’m able to watch perpetual rounds of the same shows over and over and over and over is because of the joys of streaming video. The regular site I visit to view most of the shows I watch on repeat usually has my top shows on it, so I can just pick a channel and watch one of these shows sequentially until I figure out what else I want to do… which is usually play video games.


Now the one thing about this site (which shall remain nameless, just in case) is that these shows are not available all the time. I had a good few months of repeat HIMYM, but then out of nowhere they just stopped broadcasting. Well they FINALLY brought it back!! Hopefully for at least a little while, because I put this on to help me sleep… I know that sounds awful, like I’m saying it puts me to sleep or something, but I just like having noise on when I go to bed and I’ve seen every episode a million and one times.


By the way, when did HIMYM get a laugh track? Is it just me, or am I nuts for just noticing that… jus sayin’.


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