Time to relax and watch… um…

… well, actually, I don’t know what to watch. There seems to be just a few default shows that run on my television screen, and I get myself into a rut quite often. I have a  cycle of American Dad, Family Guy, Community and HIMYM that keeps me distracted for days, but I know every joke and every tear. They still get me every time, but jeeze I’d like some new entertainment!

I love so many shows, too, but for some reason I just default back to these four when I don’t really know what I feel like watching. Currently I’m on American Dad, the episode with Andy Dick when Stan gets his legs eaten off by a shark and Roger brings him to Area 51 to save him. Seen it a million times. Still makes me laugh. Still don’t know what else to watch, so I guess I’ll put on another episode!


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