A renewed love affair with Breaking Bad

SECOND CHANCES. And third chances, and fourth chances, and fifth chances…

There are often shows that I hear about for a long time and even chances to that end up falling off my radar along the way. Often these shows turn out to be busts and I am happy that I didn’t waste my time, but every now and again there are shows that slip through the cracks and I end up loving them later on. One of the best shows I didn’t start watching until recently is Breaking Bad. Now I know you’re saying to yourself “where the hell have YOU been?!” but I seriously gave it multiple chances and it just never stuck, and then fate intervened…

BREAKING BAD, you just kept coming back to me.

I don’t need to say this to most people but this show is AMAZING. I had a hard time getting into it the first couple of times I watched it, but at a point where I was watching American Dad on repeat I finally gave it another chance. I decided to do so after walking out into the living room and seeing a guy getting his head crushed by an ATM on the TV.  From then on I was hooked.

This show blew my mind most of all because I never expected Bryan Cranston to be so badass! It has also spurned many debates between me and my roommate as to when the character transitions from humble father just trying to make ends meet for his family to crazy druglord who wants to be in charge. While I didn’t want to cave to his argument that Walter White started planning a takeover much earlier in the series, I finally had to start seeing that way at the end of season 4. Then season 5 started……. and holy crap! So now I have a reason to watch the whole series over again.

🙂 Awesome. 🙂

AAH, TV… I love it when it keeps me coming back.


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